Culbreath Key Brokeside Condos in South Tampa have hired a goon, hit squad to dole out fines,harrass residents,make racial remarks and put their head lynch person by the name of Michelle Murray a vile,spiteful woman whose joy is to *** with residents and renters all to take the focus and attention off of Culbreath Key for hiring a former Management Company and one Julie Rhames whom embezzled $250,000 of the associations money of which they have never prosecuted or gone after her and its been two years!!As a female business person I am appalled at the lack of professionalism which she portrays as a woman in her position.

So now the place is broke,no improvements or upkeep and they want to special assess the poor saps that are still paying LOL, what a joke !! Nothing in Reserves ,Foreclosures and nobody can get bank financing, suggestion Realtors: RUN and RUN FAST!!!

Michelle is a nasty person who will also try and interfere with any Sales...The place is in complete disarray...HELP!some agency bail it out....oh, and Michelle has been fired as a Property Manager from her last two places and struts around like a scorned Jewish Princess, very sad:(


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Please tell me how it is these days?Hoa- very high.

How is the rental company today, Aug. 2?

Is it terribly noisy??Being on Gandy??

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I would like more info on what's going on.I love this place and would like to get a unit.

Does anyone know how many units r in foreclosure? Is there any money in reserves? How r they paying for all those repairs and what caused the damage?

I went to see a unit and there is way too many repairs going on.Any info is highly appreciated.

Tampa, Florida, United States #1245435

How many units are in foreclosure? It's a beautiful place.

Tampa, Florida, United States #1211227

Many of these former residents had no right to even consider living in deed restricted condominium. Posting untruthful information shows the ignorance and mean spirited side of them.


Whoever posted this needs to be ashamed of herself.Statements are not even half truths.

There is plenty of money in reserve. Julie Rhames was fired for theft, but not $250,000. Michelle is a good property manager and at times has to deal with unreasonable request or obnoxious childlike owners that pout when they violate condo documents and are upset when the rules are inforced.

Take a look at this property and see what a real gem it is.

Remember individuals own units it is not an apartment complex.If you are considering a purchase you deal with owners and not the association.


Is this her??http://tampaarrests.net/a/1O8LVAA/Stacy_Michelle_Murray I had a horrible experience with Michelle.

She is one of the most miserable, mean spirited people I have ever come across in my 38yrs of life.

This lady should stay out of any profession that deals with people.The HOA and the company she works for should stand up and demand that she resign immediately.

to Anonymous #1028369

I agree.This woman is a fraud and she is in bed with Scott the HOA president.

Neither of them have a vested interest in seeing the community succeed.

We need to come together as a community and vote these people out ASAP.They are drastically affecting property values.


I have heard from various residents that Michelle used to randomly go in the unit. One resident said she caught Michelle coming in randomly. Makes me think maybe I shouldn't notify her about going on vacation, because she might come snoop.

to Anonymous #996650

I wrote that yesterday because I was upset, and if I could take it back or edit it on this website I would. Because technically it's just a rumor and not factual information. I haven't seen her personally come in without a reason, just heard about it from a neighbor.


And after an all too brief absence, which most residents hoped would be PERMANENT she's back! Yes folks, your worst nightmare come true. Brace yourselves for the truth and up your dose of Prozac to deal with the situation.

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